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Maria Victims: Searching for a South Florida Private School?

If you're one of the many Puerto Rican victims of Hurricane Maria you may have headed to South Florida to wait for the rebuilding of the island. But, unfortunately, for many families finding a private school that'll accept students this late into the school year can be a challenge.

If you're looking to put your child in private school this year, we are offering Maria victims the option of late enrollment.


Supporting Maria's Victims

Unfortunately, many schools cut off after the first quarter and families may be uncomfortable sending their children to public schools where they will get lost in the crowd. For this reason, we've opened our enrollment to Puerto Rican families looking for private schooling in Miami. If you're in this situation, reach out to us and we’ll work to help your student finish this school year successfully. We will also accept 12th grade Puerto Rican students seeking to graduate this school year. If you are a non-US citizen affected by Hurricane Maria you are also extended this invitation as we are an F-1 student-visa granting institution.

About Palmetto Bay Academy

Palmetto Bay Academy is a leader in educational innovation. Designed by our Founder, Stanford educated teacher and school leader, Lois Dimos MEd, the PBA model emphasizes individualized academic pathways. We accomplish this through flexible scheduling, a focus on mastery, not testing, and an understanding that foregoing the emotional and behavioral growth of a student often ensures under-performing academically.

Our formula for success includes:
7 students per class
Significant student and family involvement in academic plan development
Blended learning model in the “flipped classroom” pattern
Challenging academic content
Individual attention, one-on-one teaching and learning
Extended or untimed testing
Critical thinking, not memorization
Little or no homework and no “busy work”
Accelerate learning or recapture credits
College and career counseling
Field trips, clubs, enrichment activities
Sports and athletics through club teams and personal training
Community service component
Homeschool or distance learning options

If you need to send your child to private school and are displaced by Hurricane Maria, reach out to us here.

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