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Palmetto Bay Academy provides a top quality education in a non-traditional setting for middle and high school students who will benefit from a small, nurturing environment. A true alternative to the traditional model, we offer rigorous academics in a socially and emotionally supportive setting. We offer an array of activities and events that students enjoy most from traditional schools while providing a safe and nurturing environment. Students pursue rigorous academic experiences that prepare unique learners for the demands of modern university and employment challenges.




The demands for our students beyond high school have changed. PBA prepares our students for these changing needs by:

  • Creating truly individualized academic pathways that challenge students to grow, innovate and mature
  • Developing supportive relationships with teachers and staff that help students grow skills and take risks while knowing there are people on campus who see them, will guide them and are with them each step of the way
  • Designing flexible schedules that generate time beyond the classroom for pursuit of their passions, time with family and internship or work opportunities.
  • Partnering with a student’s families and support personnel to ensure the entire child is cared for and growth happens academically, socially and emotionally

To achieve these goals, we follow standards of best practice for our student body which include untimed assessments, flexible scheduling, no standardized tests other than college placement exams, and the ability to demonstrate mastery through multiple assessment formats. Mastery instruction guides our methodology and students develop the skills and techniques necessary for each individual to find success in high school and beyond. PBA's motto is "From Potential to Success" and every single year our students do just that. Contact us to see how the PBA Way can make all the difference in your student's life!


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