Palmetto Bay Academy
Our Methods

Palmetto Bay Academy is a leader in educational innovation. Designed by our Founder, Stanford educated teacher and school leader, Lois Dimos MEd, the PBA model emphasizes individualized academic pathways, flexible scheduling, a focus on mastery, not testing, and an understanding that foregoing the emotional and behavioral growth of a student often ensures under-performing academically.



  • 7 students per class
  • Significant student and family involvement in academic plan development
  • Blended learning model in the “flipped classroom” pattern
  • Challenging academic content
  • Individual attention, one-on-one teaching and learning
  • Extended or untimed testing
  • Critical thinking, not memorization
  • Little or no homework and no “busy work”
  • Accelerate learning or recapture credits
  • College and career counseling
  • Field trips, clubs, enrichment activities
  • Sports and athletics through club teams and personal training
  • Community service component
  • Homeschool or distance learning options



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