Palmetto Bay Academy
Beginnings (1st-6th)



Who we serve


PBA Beginnings is a program designed to educate bright and gifted youth who would benefit from the ability to advance academically, or in their area of giftedness (leadership, the arts, competitive athletics, etc.) while still having a supportive and nurturing age-appropriate school community. 

Many families are unaware of the true understanding of giftedness and the unique challenges it poses. PBA Administration and Teachers are experts in this area. PBA has been home to Gifted, Bright but Struggling, and 2e students for 24 years. Our expansion into primary education is the result of years of careful planning and curriculum development to ensure that children can receive challenges in the areas in which they are gifted, but also receive support in the areas that they need additional help.

Our programming is designed to meet students where they are in all areas and understand the asynchronicity (difference between academic giftedness and emotional maturity) that is a cornerstone of the gifted experience.

We know the challenges bright, gifted, and talented youth face because we did as well