Palmetto Bay Academy

Our History


Palmetto Bay Academy has been the premier Miami-area non-traditional school for nearly 25 years. Founded on the principle that all students can be successful when they are treated as individuals, our proven record of success speaks to the need to move away from the traditional model for many learners.

For both our Academy program (7th-12th) and our Beginnings program (1st - 7th) we focus on a strengths-based, individualized approach that meets our learners where they are and helps them grow in a supportive, nurturing environment.

PBA is fully accredited by Cognia/AdvancEd and is a member of the Independent Schools of South Florida and the Learning Support Association of South Florida.


Meet Our Administration

Maggie Eubanks, Owner / Director, Doctoral Candidate – Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education, M.E.D. Educational Leadership – Lamar University, MLS Library Information Science – Texas Women’s University

Mrs. Eubanks is a 20-year veteran of public and independent education and an award-winning teacher and school administrator. Prior to taking on leadership of Palmetto Bay Academy nine years ago, she spent the previous five years in China and Indonesia as a school administrator, as well as Cambridge, IB and AP Coordinator. Together with her husband, she helped to guide and grow K-12 schools as a foundational curriculum and policy development lead.

John Eubanks, Owner / Associate Director, M.E.D. Educational Leadership – Lamar University, M.E.D. Curriculum & Instruction – University of Texas

Mr. Eubanks is an engaging and dynamic leader and teacher beginning his fourteenth year in public and private school education. His background in marketing and finance as well as his strong mastery of educational concepts makes him the perfect individual to fulfill this administrative role. Mr. Eubanks spent the previous five years in Asia developing secondary science and athletic programs.
With Thanks to our Founding Owners Lois Dimos, MEd, Stanford University and James Dimos B.A. Journalism, B.S. Business, University of Missouri

Lois Dimos, Founder/President, M.Ed. Stanford University

James Dimos, CEO, B.A. Journalism, B.S. Business, University of Missouri